About Us
History of Hind Stores

With its humble beginning in the early fifties Hind Stores has become an establishment of tremendous repute, synonymous with unparalleled quality . It is one of the first choice destination for police, Military security, NCC uniforms footwear and accessories, trekking products and hotel uniforms too. It has customers not only from Bangalore but also from the entire state of Karnataka and south India.

The success story of Hind Stores is almost like a fairy tale. It commenced as a small little outlet in 1952 by late Abdulla Sait, a simple and hardworking man remembered even today for his efforts and religious nature.

It is subsequently headed by his sons Nadeem Abdulla, Imtiaz Abdulla, Ajaz Abdulla and Vaseem Abdulla. The Brothers Work in unity and this efforts made the store an ultimate destination

The Six Decade plus strength of patronage of this ever growing customer base is only a standing testimony that Hind Stores customers are not bothered to jostle through the crowded area of shivajinagar during their visits almost every time.

The services of the staff impress them, why would the customers complain after all when they get more than their money’s worth on almost everything they buy here every time.

The very name Hind Stores is a popular name among Police, Military, NCC, Security and film and T.V Shooting today, it draws several loyal customers every single day, to its outlet with the customers feeling quite comfortable and immensely satisfied with their purchasing experience.

Striving the store continuously with its motto for excellence and providing quality service to its customers to best of best of its ability and non-tiring attitude.